What Is Ethereum Classic? ETC Explained in Plain English protect your crypto with multi-key security

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ethereum network

A network of computers, operated by crypto miners, competes against each other to verify blocks of Ethereum Classic transactions and mint new ETC. Regulations of the cryptocurrency market continue to develop, which may or may not change how Ethereum Classic—and other networks—operate. For example, the Security and Exchange Commission does not consider Ethereum or Bitcoin securities due to their decentralized networks.

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Classic rely on the native ETC cryptocurrency to power transactions on the platform. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum before it merged in September 2022, Ethereum Classic operates on a Proof of Work consensus mechanism. This means that new ETC tokens are created and transactions are validated through mining. The founding of Ethereum Classic was contentious among the developer community behind Ethereum, since Ethereum Classic was created in response to a major hack of the main Ethereum blockchain. TheDAO, a smart contract utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, was corrupted when a hacker took advantage of a vulnerability in the DAO’s software. Ethereum is a blockchain-based software platform with the native coin, ether.

Everything you need to know about Ethereum Classic’s technology and history

In the other branch, nodes upgrade their https://www.beaxy.com/ and operate by the new set of rules. Ethereum Classic is a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain that maintains a Proof of Work consensus mechanism and capped supply. Ethereum Classic supporters maintain that the fork was not necessary because the remaining funds could have been repossessed through other means. They claim that the Ethereum Foundation violated the founding principles of the platform, thereby placing themselves in philosophically questionable territory. Ethereum Classic positions itself as true to the original mission of building “unstoppable applications” and scaling the network for the good of the community and the development of blockchain technology.

Do people still use Ethereum Classic?

The Ethereum Classic network is still in use today, despite not having nearly as much support or interest as the Ethereum blockchain since certain members of the community refused to give it up.

Several codenamed prototypes of the Ethereum platform were developed by the Ethereum Foundation, as part of their proof-of-concept series, prior to the official launch of the Frontier network. Ethereum Classic was the original version of Ethereum, prior to the DAO hack. While Ethereum Classic offers similar functionality to Ethereum, it uses a PoW consensus model and has no plans to switch to a proof-of-stake model like Ethereum did after the Merge. Ethereum is subject to various possible future changes while Ethereum Classic has decided to strictly adhere to Ethereum’s original rules. Ethereum can be produced with as many tokens as necessary, although there’s a limit of 4.5 percent of growth each year. To help you differentiate the two projects, we’ve helped you outline everything you need to know about their similarities and differences.

Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic: Which Is Better?

Whereas ethereum classic what is it Classic defused its difficulty bomb, Ethereum underwent The Merge in September 2022, formally transitioning to a PoS network. In fact, Ethereum nodes who wanted to continue generating profits through PoW processing began mining ETC soon after The Merge. Like transaction times, network and transaction processing fees can vary based on Ethereum Classic’s network congestion. Fees also vary based on the platform or exchange used to purchase Ethereum Classic.


As of September 2021, the Ethereum Classic network has a market cap of about $9.5 billion — a fraction of Ethereum’s $460 billion valuation. This is partly down to how ETC decided to follow in the footsteps ofBitcoin by capping the supply of coins at about 210 million. To compare, Ethereum creates Ether at steady rates with no hard limit as to how much digital currency can be mined.

ETC Price Live Data

Ethereum smart contracts support a variety of distributed apps across the crypto ecosystem. For example, in a real estate transaction, if the contract stated that an upfront deposit was to be paid on a certain date, and the funds were not received, then the contract could be voided. The smart contracts are contained within a distributed ledger or blockchain network. A distributed ledger is a ledger of transactions and contracts, which are kept and maintained in a decentralized manner across various locations. The Dao was one of the most successful cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain.

As the fork meant that the new blockchain isn’t backwards compatible, many in the Ethereum Classic camp are waiting to see if they will also follow in the same direction. This upgrade increases the capacity of Ethereum to support its growing user base, which reduces network congestion and eases transaction fees. The way smart contracts work on Ethereum Classic is similar to how they work on Ethereum. Smart contracts are programs that can be executed on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The process of validating transactions and adding them to the blockchain is called “mining.” To be able to mine on the Ethereum Classic network, miners need to download the Ethereum Classic mining software.

Ethereum Classic may have difficulties until it can modify its code, and software to prevent future hacks. Because Ethereum is considered the more authentic of the two networks, Ethereum Classic’s future appears to be less bright than Ethereum’s, especially given Ethereum Classic’s security concerns. A crypto’s digital store of value includes its purchasing power, which may be swiftly converted to cash or used to purchase another asset, just like money. The ETC or Ethereum Classic asset is primarily used to pay for decentralized computations on the Ethereum network.

Online wallets, also known as hot wallets, store private keys on systems or devices that are connected to the internet. Hot wallets are easy and convenient to use, however, they come with several drawbacks. The safer choice are specialized hardware wallets that store private keys offline. Stealing private keys from a hardware wallet would require physical access to the wallet and corresponding PIN or the recovery phrase. What’s more, with hardware wallet, you don’t need to rely on third party custodians.

How To Choose an Ethereum Classic (ETC) Wallet

The blockchain analytics company Blockscout reports in real time how long it takes to mine a new block of Ethereum Classic. This number continually fluctuates, with the average mining time being 11.6 seconds at the time of writing. Ether futures allow investors to trade ether for speculation but also to hedge an outstanding position in ETH or perhaps other cryptos. One of the chief concerns of Ethereum Classic is the potential limitations when it comes to scalability. Typically, the network can BNB handle 15 transactions per second, but that number is far less than payment networks such as Visa, which handles more than one thousand transactions per second.

Conversely, ETH has 120 coins circulating and a market cap of over $216.8 billion. As of June 10, 2022, ETC was valued at $21 per coin, while ETH was valued at more than $1,790. ETC’s outlook seems less promising than that of Ethereum since Ethereum is the more widely used network, especially in light of the security issues with Ethereum Classic. Until the Ethereum Classic has been improved in order to mitigate against future threats, in all likelihood the project will face ongoing challenges. It can only manage 15 tps , which is less than what payment networks like Visa handle—more than 1,000 tps. Despite the fact that Ethereum Classic has undergone several software upgrades, its payment system scalability remains a significant challenge.

Vitalik Buterin and other project developers felt that regaining the confidence of the Ethereum community was necessary. Users could only trust the Ethereum ecosystem again if they retrieved their money. The total supply of ETC was capped at 210,700,000 via an upgrade that occurred in December 2017. The creation of new ETC coins is reduced by 20% every 5 million blocks, which creates a deflationary pressure on the supply.


However, in July 2016, the Ethereum community voted to hard fork and create a new Ethereum blockchain in order to confiscate the remaining ETH. Ethereum Classic is the unforked version of the original Ethereum blockchain, which still contains the stolen funds. Ethereum Classic is an open-source, blockchain computing platform and cryptocurrency.

As you would suspect, there was a time when only one Ethereum ecosystem existed. After one of the most significant events in cryptocurrency history, a hard fork took place — creating two different versions of the blockchain network. The Ethereum community decided to hard fork the Ethereum blockchain to make it so that the DAO hack never happened. Those who didn’t want to hard fork the blockchain stayed on the original chain, which is now called Ethereum Classic. Ethereum went on to use the cryptocurrency ETH while Ethereum Classic uses the cryptocurrency ETC.

Another key difference is that the Ethereum Classic team is not as well funded as the Ethereum Foundation. Overall, Ethereum Classic is a much smaller and less popular cryptocurrency than Ethereum. Its roadmap is not as clearly defined and its team is not as well organized.

  • Smart contracts are programs that can be executed on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.
  • Ethereum Classic is an open-source, blockchain computing platform and cryptocurrency.
  • Firstly, they can buy actual cryptocurrency on exchanges, such as buying Ethereum Classic on an exchange like Bitfinex, so they own the Ethereum Classic coin itself.
  • Whether or not you should invest in Ethereum or Ethereum Classic depends on your trading goals and the strategy of your portfolio.

The DAO was backed by $150 million in crowdfunding, but there was a flaw in the code. Contrast this ethos with the approach of Big Data giants like Google or Facebook, which develop proprietary code that cannot be publicly shared. „Classic Ether Wallet has been hacked – do not use it to send currency“. In January 2019, Ethereum Classic was subject to double-spending attacks. From July through August 2020, Ethereum Classic suffered from more 51% attacks.

Storing your ETC with Kriptomat provides you with enterprise-grade security and user-friendly functionality. A process or event in which a company attempts to raise development capital by selling a new cryptocurrency. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only.

You could then use your tokens to vote on which decentralized applications to support. Projects that got more than 20% of the community’s support would be awarded a share of the investment funds from the DAO. As there wasn’t much interest in his idea, he decided to raise funds via a crowdsale. In July 2014, one of the largest crypto fundraising efforts took place — amassing 25,000 BTC with a market capitalization of LTC $17 million at the time. Knowing the difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is important if you wish to make an informed decision about investing in cryptocurrency tokens. Both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are open-source blockchain platforms with similar goals.


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