Article 23 – (1) New Chairman should put new conference times and plan of your Panel

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Article 23 – (1) New Chairman should put new conference times and plan of your Panel

c) Looking at if or not information that is personal is actually canned according to the laws upon a complaint or ex officio if it’s notified out-of this new allegation out of citation, concerning your facts and that slide in remit, and bringing interim measures in this regard when needed.

e) Doing the mandatory regulating steps in the things in accordance with the fresh new remit of your Panel together with operating of one’s Expert.

h) Stating opinions into the write rules that is prepared by the newest almost every other institutions and you will groups and you may has brand new specifications relating to individual studies.

?) Bringing a final decision with the strategic package, deciding the fresh new goals and objectives, the service top quality conditions and the abilities conditions.

i) Carrying group meetings and you may providing a last choice toward budget suggestion wishing according to the strategic bundle of your Expert and you will the objectives and goals.

j) Approving and you can publishing new write accounts waiting with respect to the show, monetary position, annual points of one’s institution and required matters.

Statutes out of steps of Board

(2) The newest Panel shall convene which have at least half dozen people including the Chairman and you can will bring conclusion from the absolute majority of the complete number of users. The people in the latest Board do not stay away from voting.

(3) New Panel users usually do not attend this new conferences otherwise voting concerning your matters hence concern by themselves, its third-degree blood family and you will second degree family relations of the relationship, their used students and their partners while the bonds of relationship between them does not exists more.

(4) The brand new Board people usually do not give people miracle that they know with admiration to the in regards to the people and you will third persons throughout their works in order to someone besides lawfully skilled authorities or utilize it from inside the rather have off by themselves.

(5) Moments is authored regarding the things deliberated throughout the Board. Conclusion and you can, or no, justification from dissenting ballots is going to be created within this fifteen months within the latest adopting the big date from decision. New Board shall announce the fresh conclusion towards public if this deems required.

(7) The functional actions and you may standards of the Panel, the writing off decisions or other items is going to be controlled less than an of the-laws.


Article 24 – (1) The newest President should be the best authoritative regarding the Expert in his/their unique potential once the President of the Board and you can Expert and will plan, perform the qualities of your Power according to the laws and regulations, the expectations and you can formula of the Authority, their proper package, efficiency criteria and you may services quality conditions and you can shall be sure coordination ranging from the service gadgets.

(2) Brand new Chairman can be accountable for the entire government and you can expression of your Expert. It duty will security the fresh obligations and you may vitality off organizing, carrying out, examining, comparing the new functions of the Authority and you will proclaiming these to the latest public when needed.

b) Ensuring that the fresh Board behavior are informed and lots of choices is actually announced towards societal in the event that considered necessary by Board and adopting the their execution.

e) Preparing the new yearly funds and you will statement of finance of the Power inside accordance to the strategies, yearly goals and objectives.

f) Guaranteeing coordination so the Panel therefore the service equipment works conformably, effectively along with a self-disciplined and you may orderly styles.

g) Choosing the newest duties and you may range away from power of one’s skilled personnel that permitted sign on account of Chairman of this new Authority.

Institution and you may requirements of your Presidency

Blog post twenty five – (1) The fresh Presidency will be consisting of Deputy President and you will provider gadgets. The new Presidency should carry out the obligations enumerated underneath the fourth paragraph through the provider devices Hemsidan prepared as divisions. Exactly how many divisions can’t be more than seven.


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